Monday, September 30, 2013

Gmarket Order #5

Gmarket Order #5 has arrived. For those who read the other four, you know the routine.... well I hope you do. I didn't really order many items this time as you can see from the medium size box.

This order contains mainly skin care items. Since I'm a guy, do not expect me to do reviews on them... I might if lots of people as me too.

First up are the non-skin care stuff

A nice fancy simple watch.

2 military cap

Came with free ankle socks (the grey thing between the caps)

And that is it for the non-skin care item. Very little right?

Well now time for the skin care items

Got the Etude House Red Spot Balm after reading reviews about how it works on reducing redness. Hopefully it works on my face since I get red spot from acne and skin problem.
It came with 2 samples of baking powder cleaning foam. Also that paper is a thank you letter which I can read but can't understand much of what I'm reading. OTL

From It's Skin is a black head clear kit that contains a mini tube of each steps. Also came with 2 sample of Mangowhite Cleaning Foam. The nice thing about It's Skin is the fact that the packaging comes in English and Korean.

Lastly I have a big haul from Innisfree. It's a new brand that I'm trying. What I know is that Innisfree is very green/eco with their products and everything is made from nature and is organic.
Eco, natural and organic products sounds very healthy. Also the packaging is recycled. Thumbs for Innisfree for caring about the environment.

Cosmetic cotton pad

Oil bloating paper for my super oily face.

cheap price, nice feeling shower towel for when I wash my face in the afternoon

The cleansing foam, pore clay mask, green tea seed product and green mask was a combo.
Giant tube of cleansing foam. 300 mL of it. This cleansing foam is gonna take me a while to finish.

The pore clay mask. Didn't know what was difference between the regular and super so I got the super because it was available as a kit.

100% recycled paper :D
 Sample that came with the foam/mask combo
Green Tea Seed sample
 2 step blackhead out kit and a green tea mask

Also got a sample of their Eco Science Special Kit. It's organic and made with marine plants from pure jeju ocean. If that doesn't sound nice then I don't know what will.

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