Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ayo GG! GG stuff from Amazon JP

A yo readers of my blog. My order from Amazon Japan has arrived. It was my first time ordering from Amazon Japan and it as arrived safe and sound.

As every sone should know, Girls' Generation has released their new single Galaxy Supernova and their Japan 2nd Tour. If you haven't seen the music video for Galaxy Supernova, check it out now

I'm not sure why the video posted on my blog are so small....

Anyways, the Japan 2nd Tour limited edition comes with a t shirt and since I like limited edition stuff (not just any limited edition stuff) I had to get it. Sadly I found out about it until it late and they were all sold out on Yesasia and CDJapan. So as a last resort I turned to Amazon Japan and luckily they had it.

I was only looking to buy the limited edition Japan 2nd Tour (Blu-ray) and Galaxy Supernova single but exploring Amazon, I found the GG complete video collection blu ray limited edtion for less than what was being sold on Yesasia. So I decided to add that to my cart along with Love&Girls since I wanted that too. Adding the extra items was to make the shipping worth it since Amazon Japan only offers DHL shipping for international orders.

Overall, I'm really happy with the items and how I got them for less than I expected.
Everything was packaged in the center of the box and clear wrapped to prevent the items from moving.

Japan 2nd Tour only costed me ~$60. Its now over $100 the last time I checked.
The Complete Collection Cost ~$50
Shipping was roughly ~$30

The goods

Girls & Peace

I was kind of freaking out because I didn't know that the t-shirt was in the box. Silly me :P

Galaxy Supernova


Now the Complete Video Collection LE

Discs, Earphone plug, playing cards, light pen

Taking a picture of the light image was hard work. Had to balance holding the camera and pen while manually focusing with my pinky. This was the better of the few attempts I tried.

There was also a mini picture book and photo cards.

3 discs
 I'll end this post with a picture of Jessica and Sunny from the photo book.


  1. How expensive was the shipping? Was it via DHL?

    1. I believe it was via EMS, and shipping took less than a week for me.





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