Sunday, December 23, 2012

Books Kinokuniya & J-Style, Mitsuwa Costa Mesa

It has been a while since I've been to Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa and the layout of the store has change a slight bit. Books Kinokuniya, a bookstore, layout had changed and there are a few new restaurants in the food court. For those that do not know what Mitsuwa is, its one of few Japanese supermarket in the US. Each location have a food court and specialty stores. I took some pictures to 2 stores and the food I got from the food court.

For some reason, I also like to buy me a some kind of bowl set from Miyabi in the food court. My usual order is an eel egg bowl but this time I decided to go with the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) egg bowl. This meal was only $6.95 which I think is pretty cheap. The eel egg bowl on the other hand is $7.95, only a $1 difference.

Tonkatsu-don set from Miyabi in the food court


J-Style carries lots of otaku, cars accessories and other goodies. I only managed to take 4 pictures of items in J-Style. I asked the worker if I could take some pictures but since there was music playing in the store and she had an accent, I could not tell if it was okay or not.

Upon entering the store, you can see car accessories on the left of the store and Gundam models on the right. I don't know why but I only took a few pictures of the right side of the store.

Lots of gundam models

cute tofu tissue box cover and plush

Books Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore that carries lots of different books, magazines and stationary. They also carry otaku goodies too.

Miku book that I wanted to buy but decided not to because of the price
880円 = $22 due to importing cost and stuff

car magazine for the enthusiast

beauty magazine


Studio Ghibli art book

art books

1000 pcs Totoro puzzle that cost ~$70 OTL

Sword Art Online poster

Danboro kit

Nendoroids >_

Kiki Delivery Service calendar

something I really wanted

Medaka Box blind box

Music cds

Something +Danny Choo would probably like
Star Wars tenegui

Many different leads (better than US lead)

Lots of pens

An auto rotating lead pencil that rotate your lead for you


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